Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A week ago, I made my Drunken Thai Noodle recipe. It's pretty tasty, but just not as good as the previous times I made it. I couldn't find the right noodles at the store, which was a total disappointment because I haven't had much trouble in the past. Oh, and the basil was not in the best shape, so there wasn't enough in the recipe. I couldn't get any at Giant...they had every other fresh herb you could think of, but not basil. Always happens. Who is going to be 20 packets of fresh bay leaves?! Anyway, this recipe is very tasty and once you have the ingredients for the sauce in your pantry, it is really affordable and can come together really quick. I like it a touch more saucy, so I usually fib on the higher end of each ingredient amount. I think you can get away with just a 1/2 a pound of the ground meat (too much turkey in this batch, chicken or pork are great options as well).

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