Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pumpkin: We Thank Thee

Tee hee...! I finalized the Thanksgiving Day menu!!! I'm excited for some of the new treats that will be featured.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going the "Course" route and will have the first course served at 1pm, second course at 3pm, third course at 5pm and the main course at 7pm!

Stay tuned for the full menu. I have to send out the invitation to my guests today and let them giggle with excitment before I share. Last year we gave thanks for butter. This year, it's safe to assume we'll be giving thanks for pumpkin. Don't worry, butter will still be featured!

I have one question for my gentle readers.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition? This can be food related. Or something your family has done each year. Or even, a tradition you want to start with your own families.

I'm selfish. The tradition I love the most is hosting Thanksgiving and all the trappings that go into that. Selecting the menu. Preparing for days. And finally creating a detailed timeline telling me what to do and when so everything is done when it's supposed to be and the day of goes smoothly! And ultimately serving and sharing dinner with friends. The only regret to hosting...we have no dishwasher!


Dancer in DC said...

I think the tradition I liked in my family was having the 2 stuffings - 1 "wet" (i.e. stuffed in the bird) and the other "dry" (i.e. baked separately). Everyone always had their preference, but I admit I loved them both!

Lady Brandenburg said...

One favorite thing is the years we get to go to the Lillos for an Italian Thanksgiving.

The other is serving up the cranberry "sauce" (jelly) from the can and slicing it up so you can't see the indentations of the can - as if we're fooling anyone into thinking it WASN'T from a can!

DC Food Blog said...

The Thanksgiving mainstay was the Asianized stuffing that used Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix with ground pork, chick peas, shitake mushrooms, and whole pearl onions. My mother would make an aoili (we called it homemade mayonnaise) rather than gravy.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a favorite tradition - my family's not big on traditions. In fact, I bet at least 5 of my Thanksgiving dinners growing up were in restaurants as we were traveling. So I guess my favorite tradition now is Thanksgiving with the boys! :-)