Friday, November 03, 2006

Giving Thanks for something

Getting a late start on the planning for the Glorious Day of Food. Ooops. Some work stuff clogged my head too much for me to think about it. But some clearing has happened and I'm starting to get some ideas...

There are some basics that of course will be a part of the day, but I'm starting to think of some other items that might put a spin on Thanksgiving this year...I don't know what that spin is...a tail spin???

What we had last year that will be here this year:
Roast Turkey
Sweet Potatoes
Collard Greens
Drunken Cranberries

What might show up this year?
Double Cheese Penne
Parmesan & Rosemary Au Gratin Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Mac 'n' Cheese
Brussel Sprouts (I But maybe worth an attempt)
Green Beans sauteed with tomatoes and garlic
Pumpkin Ravioli with a butter sage sauce
What else might I want to try???

What didn't show up last year, that I KNOW will make an appearance:
Pumpkin Risotto

Desserts for this year:
I have no clue...haven't even gone there yet.

My thoughts for this year's dinner will be to step away from the 'all sit down and gorge ourselves at one time' thing and move into a non-formal, formal setting of, here's course one, have a taste, here's course two, have a taste, here's course three, have a taste...etc.... We'll see how that goes. I am trying to keep the guest list down a bit from last year, so it should be more manageable this way. And this would allow me to make a few items I normally wouldn't want to try, because it's not a major portion of the dinner...if that makes any sense...that's why you see brussel sprouts up there on that list...make just a bit for trying and tasting, then move on.

Stay tuned as I further go insane with planning this year.


Lady Brandenburg said...

Your new course idea is a good one. Eleanor's Thanksgivings are always broken up - in between people play bocce or watch football or sit around and talk. She does:
- "appetizers," cheese & crackers, etc. set around the house when we first walk
- there is a calling to the table for the soup course
- there is a calling to the table for the pasta/insalata/antipasti course
- calling to the table for the turkey and traditional side dishes course
- calling to the table for the dessert course

By then we're so stuffed there is no more calling to the table, but she does set nuts out at the end to help digestion. And, of course, plenty of wine does flow!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Oh, and sometimes the salad and pasta courses are split up... with salad coming AFTER the big dinner portion. I love the Italian salad after dinner thing.

joyous said...

I'm going to die from happiness.

The Kara said...

If you DO miraculously do the sprouts you must post recipe :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Joyous on this one! I have to remember to set out my elastic-waist pants. Heck, even my elastic-waist socks!!! I'm looking forward to it, and let me know what kind of wines you'd like to pair with the different courses!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said... the sprouts. I finally got Jim to eat them after I made them this way: Cut them in half, steam them for a few minutes then pan sautee them with some garlic and soy sauce. You could also throw in a pinch of ginger.

DC Food Blog said...

I will have to give you my balsamic roasted brussel sprouts recipe. It will convert you. We'll be in town Thanksgiving weekend. Would you want to do a leftover party?

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

(DC Food Blog said...
I will have to give you my balsamic roasted brussel sprouts recipe.)

Yum! That sounds even better than how I make them......