Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pork and Torts

The last two nights were pretty simple and pretty tasty.

Monday night I had some pork chops defrosting. When I unwrapped them, they had all sorts of freezer burn. So, no chops, but I did clean it up, cutting off the icky parts and sliced the rest of it up. I sauteed the pork slices in some butter with onions and some coriander, salt and pepper. Tasty. I served with this earthy crunchy whole grain rice blend that I added carrots and a little more coriander to. Hearty and good. Might try this again.

Tonight was some more tomato sauce. Seriously, I can't say how easy this is! I took two cans of whole tomatoes, drained-reserving the liquid, and squished them in to pieces. In a medium skillet, I heated a few TB of olive oil, red pepper flakes and five garlic cloves sliced. After about a minute, I added the squished tomatoes and some of the reserved juice. Simmer with a touch of salt and a few basil leaves. Done and done. I picked up some fresh tortellinis at the store-chicken with cheese, rosemary and onions. Yummy.


Dancer in DC said...

There is nothing easier than a simple marinara. And possibly nothing better for comfort food.

Jon said...

I love homemade sauce -- both the 10 minute kind and the 10 hour kind. Love, love, love...