Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just a little bit

I'm sorry for being lazy again. There is a purpose, I promise...trying to save a little $$ and eat leftovers and boring things. Just until the weather moderates itself a bit and the electric bill goes down a wee touch.

Anyway, last night I cleaned out the fridge of some chicken, onions and carrots and made my chicken and dumplings, but instead of making dumplings, I added some rice. It was tasty, but after awhile, the rice virtually dissolved into the yummy creamy broth. Oh well. I still had two bowls.

I've also been meaning to point this out. A few weeks ago in the Washington Post, they had a little product highlight that included: Pinch Plus!

So we've all encountered the situation where you don't have a jar of a certain spice and you only need a small bit. Pinch Plus is almost a solution for that dilema. Pinch Plus packages spices in little, sealed packets that contain One Tablespoon of the herb or spice. I like the idea in general. It's a great way to affordably try new spices and herbs or not have to throw away the outdated, stale products in your cupboards. The downside comes to the variety of spices. Most people would be comfortable buying a jar of basil or cinnamon. So my only suggestion is the broaden the product base and include different varieties of curry or branch into some of the more exotic herbs and spices.

Maybe their could be a partnership with Nirmala's or Penzey's? Anywho...I do like their packaging of certain spice combinations into little booklets with coordinated recipes!


DC Food Blog said...

I've done that too with chicken and dumplings, replacing the rice. It's jsut as good.

Stef said...

Hmmmm.... I'm afraid I may have a whole cabinet drawer full of stale old spices. How long do they normally last?

ScottE. said...

Stef: I've heard that spices last from 6 months to 2 years...I know I have spices have been around much longer than that!!! Spices I'm comfortable keeping a touch longer than I will herbs.

DC Food Blog said...

While spices do lose their flavor, I find that just heating them in a dry pan perks them right up.