Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Photo

About a month ago, I made some cookies and took plenty of pictures but I only posted the one photo for the cookie I shared the recipe for....I never posted the other recipe because I wasn't fond of the final results...but I really liked this photo...with the sun shining in.


cavacavien said...

I love this shiny pic!!!
For me the sunshine is always welcome when I take photos.

Stef said...


Hear that?
That's my stomach.
Wanting cookies!!!

Great photo. :-)

DC Food Blog said...

Oh my god. Those are stunning cookies. -j

Brunette said...

Oh my goodness... are those WHOOPEE PIES?

I'm not sure what you're trying to do to me.

Complacent Chase said...

Chocolate Kahlua Whoopee Pies? That recipe sounds delish! uh...where are my cookies??????????
I'm hungry.

ScottE. said...

Oh those Whoopie Pies were divine! One of the most ridickerous things I've made!