Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sconey Goodness

Tonight before LOST, I made Ginger Scones. I have a full day staff retreat tomorrow for work, so I wanted to bring something nice to share with my new co-workers.

These are really simple and very tasty. You can see the chunks of crystallized ginger in the scones.
They are really easy and really tasty!!


Stef said...

Oh, sweet mama. Sawyer and a ginger scone... that's all I'd ever need!

I'm sure your new coworkers will love them. Are they excited to have such a talented foodie now on the staff? :-)

Em said...

Wow, those look soooooo yummy! I made cornbread today (from the cookbook you and DancerInDC gave me a few years ago). It was tasty, but I'm sure the scones are better. You rock.

ScottE. said...

Emily: Which recipe did you make? How'd it turn out?

Chilefire said...

Oh my - those look really good. I love scones, And ginger... did I mention that I love scones? gad those look good Scott.

are they "hard" scones? or are they more like those cakey Brithish scones? (I love both). Yum!

ScottE. said...

These scones are super tender! Serve with a little honey or marmalade or butter!