Friday, March 17, 2006

This is a paid endorsement

I am a BzzAgent! A what? A BzzAgent. And you can be too...more later.

As a BzzAgent, I am 'voluntarily employed' to create buzz about things. This isn't covert...although it certainly would be fun to go undercover. Really I would suck because I'd tell the first person..."Hi, I'm an undercover agent." Dumbass.

As an agent I am given an opportunity to talk about products and services, to spread the word as it were. I then report back to the "hive" with either short reports about what I've done/said to spread the word, or full reports detailing conversations about the Bzz product.
Most recently I recieved my BzzKit for a great yummy foodie product.


I recieved a full size jar, about 10 sample containers and materials to read about the product.
I have never actually had NUTELLA, so I was really excited to try it.

For those of you unfamiliar with NUTELLA, it is "The original creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread."

And it is GOOD! I was working at the Theatre last night and got the munchies, so we cracked open the jar, some pretzels and started dipping. Wonderful! Perfectly satisfied the munchy/chocolate craving.

I can't wait to try it with some good bread that's been toasted. And I really want to have it with some sliced bananas...a Nutella Banana Sandwich! Considering my in frequent love affair with grilled PB & Banana sandwiches, this has to be right up there!

If I understand correctly, the Europeans have been eating NUTELLA forever! It started as a paste, which would be sliced and placed on sandwiches...but the kids figured out they would just remove these NUTELLA 'coins' and toss the bread. Eventually the maker Ferrero (makers of Tic Tacs and Ferrero Rocher chocolates), developed this creamy spread, changing the face of the afternoon snack world forever. Today, NUTELLA outsells all Peanut Butter Brands, combined!...worldwide!! How's that for an endorsement?

It seems that most people first became aware of NUTELLA when they have travelled outside of the United States. Is this true? I would love to hear your stories, thoughts, ideas and recipes on/with NUTELLA.

For those who want to play and are willing to share a mailing address....I will send to the...:

FIRST RESPONDER: Send two (2) of the sample containers of NUTELLA and two (2) coupons for $1.00 off, each.

Second, third and fourth responders: I will send two (2) coupons.

Please feel free to share even if you're not an early responder! for being a BzzAgent. It's pretty cool. So far this is my second campaign. The first was for Take Five candy bars. It take a little bit of time to sign up and take the survey, but it's free and you decide what types of campaigns to participate in. So far I've only had the opportunity for the two campaigns. I'm looking forward to upcoming campaigns. If you are interested, visit their website. Hey for a little bit of work/chatting about yummy stuff, you get free stuff!


Cincy Diva said...

I am surprised this needs any buzz. I have been eating for ages. It is the best stuff ever

Stef said...

A certain European guy I know is addicted to Nutella, and he was so excited to find out that the convenience store in our basement - in a very multiculti building - sells it.

Giada just did an episode on chocolate desserts this morning, and she and her Italian mom made these Nutella ravioli with powdered sugar and mint leaves that looked divine.

All that being said, I don't think I've ever had it!

Dancer in DC said...

I looooove Nutella. Hazelnuts are one of my favorite nuts.

Side note - Nutella has substantially less fat than peanut butter! Of course, it has about twice the sugar content...

Brunette said...

It looks soooooo good on that croissant... Other Roommate left some Nutella in our pantry when he moved out, so I think I'll finally dig in! (Especially now that I know it's lower-fat. Really, it's like eating a plate of spinach!)

DC Food Blog said...

Oh jason. How do we share a brain? Let me count the ways. Hazelnuts are my fav too. Another use for nutella, chocolate frosting.