Saturday, February 11, 2006


This is my 200th post! Who Knew....and in only two or three months Eat With Me will be One Year Old. What Fun!


Last night we had some guests over for dinner and the opening ceremonies of the olympics, as well as a rousing game of Puerto Rico. (The game is great fun, but challenging....get it!)

Dinner was something that has been posted on here before. Sirloin Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa. It's very easy, fast and really tasty! Outside of a smoke out from the grill pan and then...I'm sooo sad and going to have to go to Target timer/digital thermometer got to hot...and melted into a beeping mess!...Outside of those things, it is a very quick tasty dinner. The steak sits for 30 minutes with a quick dry can do many other things while that's going on. Then while you grill it, you make the salsa...done and done. Enjoy!

When I took the steak off the grill pan to rest, I threw on a red bell pepper and an onion, just to heat up and soften, to add to the tacos...not necessary, but a nice little touch. Also had an extra two tomatoes, so those were sliced up. Other fixin's were some shredded cheese and sour cream and we served them on soft tortillas. Chips on the side.



Chilefire said...

Oh Yum,
Now that looks good! (even for breakfast!) Congrats on your 200th post! You have a great blog.

Dancer in DC said...

Once the smoke cleared, this was a good thing to snack on while sitting in front of the TV.

Stef said...

that looks so tasty! I have just been loving steak lately.... aren't you glad I gave up that whole vegetarian thing? ;-)

Terri in WI said...

Congrats on the 200th post! Wahoo!! :)

You know I don't eat beef, but I'd LOVE to try this with chicken!!

Edna said...

Judging from the picture - looks like you got the meat done perfectly. (with a little pink in the middle!) Can I get the same texture/taste with a Flank Steak? Or too chewy?

Congrats on the 200 Post! This is Edna's FAV webblog and if you track the traffic to this thing like I do with my blog, you see that I am on your site three times a day... (yikes!)

By the way, I am hoping to roll-up the sleeves of my frock today and make your Penne with Vodka Sauce... yum-yum! I have been busy testing out my new cookbook, The Silver Spoon (see my posts on this) but want to try out your recipe post.


What are you tasting?,

ScottE. said...

Chilefire: Thanks!

Dancer: *snap*

Stef: Thanks Goddess!

Terri: Chicken or Pork would be really good.

Edna: I've often thought of tracking, but then I'd stress too much about who is visiting or not....I don't need another neuroses (sp?). Good luck on the Vodka sauce-super easy. I'm sure flank steak will be a perfect option...I actually looked for it this time thinking it would be cheaper, but we were preparing for the big snow and the store was pretty cleaned out, pickin's were slim...but they actually had the sirloin.