Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Toss in your cookies

We have five more days to have cookie recipes turned in for Cookie Collection 2005!

As it stands now, we have three contenders...I know...I know...I've had cookies from people out there who haven't turned in a recipe yet...come on kids!!!! You know you wanna.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to get my Mom to send me one of her cookie recipes (because she is an amazing pastry chef and baker. Well, not professionally...but her skills are unbelievable)...but my Mom doesn't like to share. I swear she is going to be buried with all her recipes!! ha ha

ScottE. said...

Too bad! We need to make sure to get these recipes from our parents and grandparents before they can't give them to us anylonger! I've lost the opportunity to get my grandmother's recipes, so I only have a few of them that my mother managed to get!