Wednesday, November 30, 2005


For the past two or three days I've been thinking alot about cookies. I love cookies. They make me happy. I don't bake cookies very often, no particular reason, I just don't. I've tried making some interesting cookies and they are usually very tasty. I did a White Chocolate and Dried Cherry cookie...I called it my Cherry Blossom Festival cookie. I ate the whole batch. Oops!

I think last holiday season I tried making these swirly chocolate and peppermint cookies. They were alright.

But when I'm really craving a cookie there are really only two kinds of cookies that satisfy, for me.

A really good Black & White Cookie. Which I haven't had in ages. I saw some on Unwrapped the other night, but I don't think I'll be heading north of NYC anytime soon to get them at Breadzilla. The other cookie, and a more realistic cookie target, Berger Cookies!

I was introduced to Berger Cookies just a few short years ago. They basically made me want to cry. Super rich! A vanilla cookie base, that is tender, moist and a little chewy with an unbelieveable fudgy frosting. Yum!

Based on their website, Berger Cookies are from Baltimore and are really just an East Coast treat. But you can order them online!!!

Now the big question, do I order and pay shipping, and wait a few days...or drive to Baltimore!?!?


ScottE. said...

Does anyone know if the Berger Cookies are available in DC? Maybe I don't need to make a trip to B'more.

Brunette said...

Never heard of Berger cookies before, but they sound great. The Black and White Cookies, however, are a perennial favorite. Whenever we visit family in Staten Island, I grab a B&WC from Alfonso's Baker.

The Wegmans (VA) cookie bar has some cookies that *seem* very similar to the description of Berger cookies. If you absolutely need an immediate fix, you could try that, though you might actually be closer to Baltimore.

Dancer in DC said...

I actually am meeting with our resident Baltimorian next week, so you could beg her to bring some.

ScottE. said...

The first B&W cookie I had, about a week after I moved to DC was really great, almost cake like cookie with great chocolate frosting and pretty good white frosting, it had some almond flavor in it....but then I went back a few times and the white frosting starting turning more into a glaze, or the cookie would get stale....I want a good one.

Bergers are delightful! Hopefully our B'more contact gets my message and can bring some back....droool!

Stef said...

Where I grew up, they called them Half-Moon Cookies, so it's still really weird for me to think of them as B&W cookies. But they are good.

It was BM who was into those Berger cookies right? I remember thinking they were really tasty but I couldn't eat more than one, cuz they were so rich.

I'm happy with the usual cookies - oatmeal raisin, choc chip, peanut butter, sugar, snickerdoodles. Mmmm, I do like 'em!

ScottE. said...

Yep, BM! That was when I first had them. JL is meeting with MG next week, so she's going to bring some!!!!

I'm not saying anything bad about the regular cookies, it's just these two cookies satisfy a deep urge....a naughty cookie desire!