Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ray Ray

My little Ray Ray! A nice article and a little history on our Rachel Ray in the New York Times.

-Thanks Sterfanie for sending me the link...I would have missed it otherwise.

PS: Folks, I'm almost back to a regular schedule. Hopefully that means some new recipes soon! Hang in there.


Stef said...

You're welcome! I'm so glad to hear Rachael is happily married. Even though she's probably a little too spunky for me to be someone I'd want to hang out with in real life, I do like her. Good for her for being so cheery and in love with life.

Dancer in DC said...

Well that's a fun article. I also worry that she's going to become overexposed with the talk show and the magazine, go girl.

Could they have picked a worse picture of her, though?

Bek said...

GREAT article! Thanks for sharing!

Joyous said...

My BFF says that KingWorld is focused on Rachel right now and is forgetting the other folks they have development deals with. I must be protective of my BFF so I say SPREAD THE LOVE, RACH!