Friday, June 17, 2005

Two Things Before the weekend

Hello all,

No new recipes today, sorry. Been really busy this week, but I wanted to pass on two things before the weekend begins.

1) Went to dinner with Lady Brandenburg this Wednesday to Silverado's in Annandale, VA. Yes, it's in Timbuktu and yes, you need a passport, but it's really good. The appetizer we had were these Tex Mex "Egg Rolls." A smoked chicken with beans and corn and some sauce. Very tasty. Lady B had their crabcakes which just about made me cry. Very good. I had this sirloin tips with a lime tequila cream sauce on penne pasta. Yum O! If you get out that way, check it out.

2) To follow up on the last post regarding the Coke Zero. I tried another new Coke product. This one...Diet Coke Splenda. Recommended, at least to try. Tastes more like Coke than Diet Coke but without a crazy aftertaste. It's less syrupy than Coke as well. I like this one. I guess it's also good for those on the South Beach diet.

Well, have a good weekend. If I get a chance this weekend, I plan on making a few things and will let you know how they go. Got a recipe for a cake that made me think naughty thoughts.



Lady Brandenburg said...

Yes, there is life, good food and good beer in Annandale, Fairfax, Alexandria, etc. Also, if you are ever over near Bailey's Crossroads - of course try Silverado's (owned by the guys who own Carlylse Grand cafe) and also Peking Gourmet Inn. The BEST Peking Duck on the planet. Ever.

ScottE. said...

I have been to Peking Gourmet and have had the Peking Duck. The one and only time I've had it, but it certainly was divine. As well as the other food we had was a work related holiday venture.