Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When you have a newer phone and send photos you take to your email, so you can post them later...make sure the emails arrive and actually have photos attached. As I sent images, I deleted them off the camera. Save space right? Well, the emails arrived, via my phone, to my computer. Attachments and all. Except somewhere along the way, the attachments were stripped off the email. It said there were attachments, but there were no attachments. So many of the images I planned to share were gone! This is the only one that made it. Sadface.

Sweet & Sour Chicken, a light version from Everyday Food. It's pretty easy, straightforward and mighty tasty. Sweet. Sour. Filling. And in generally, not nasty for you. I used less than 2 tsps of oil to cook the chicken and veggies. The place it will get you is the sugar. Ketchup, Brown Sugar and Pineapple Juice. Still good!

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