Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Brunch

On Sunday we headed into DC's Logan Circle neighborhood for a lovely visit with The Sommeliatrix and a great brunch. We were greeted with cheers and amazing food.

Awesome Bacon. Seriously Awesome Bacon. Thick cut, rich, chewy, meaty. Awesome Bacon.

We were instructed, no ORDERED not to bring anything. Well, I can't do that. So, I brought a jar of mango-ginger jam, with the intent that it could be used later, for say, grilling chicken. The plan was accepted and then altered to enjoy with some fresh bread and butter as well.

But the main course. An amazing frittata. I wish I could make a frittata as amazing as this. Eggs with tomatoes, corn, basil and leeks. Topped with parmesan cheese, I believe. Oh so good. Great brunch, but would be totally awesome for lunch with a salad and chilled glass of wine. Perfect.

THANKS for an amazing brunch. Awesome food. Awesome conversation. Awesome views of the local soccer field that was getting some World Cup inspired use. And of course, Awesome friends. Plans are coming together for the next adventure...stick around.

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DC Food Blog said...

How did she get that frittata out of the pan?