Monday, May 17, 2010


This is chicken( & fried yuca). It is delicious!

New to our neck of the woods is a blink and you'll miss it restaurant. Chicken Delicious in Bladensburg, MD (on Hwy 450/Annapolis Road & Edmonston Road) in a strip mall with a Blockbuster and several small, independently owned shops. After multiple failed attempts to get the goods (either they were closed or SOLD OUT of chicken), we finally got some. A whole Peruvian-style (I think?) rotisserie chicken and two sides. Something like $14 bucks. Enough to feed two very hungry boys, leaving a little extra. Wonderful! We have since been back several times and are putting this to the top of our favorites, espcially for a quick local meal. The chicken is perfectly cooked. Delightfully seasoned and juicy. The sides can be hit or miss, but don't skip the fried yuca, ask to have it cooked extra crispy! The fries are fine, beans ok, plaintains weren't that good. We have also had the carne asada and that was pretty tasty too. There are only a few other items on the menu, including one or two sandwich options I think. But really, go for the chicken.

But my's the tiny little cups of sauce you get for the chicken. One is a garlic aioli. I'm not very fond of that. But the little green cup of zippy sauce is wonderful. Refreshing, spicy, bright, tangy, all the good stuff...oh and a touch spicy! Dunk it or pour it on your chicken. I like to dip the yuca in as well.

This is some great take-out. We haven't eaten in, but there are tables and TVs to occupy your time.

The only thing they could do to improve their service...offer delivery and beer!

Chicken Delicious
Bladensburg, MD


DancerInDC said...

It is, indeed, delicious.

I do like the garlic sauce - perfect for that fried yucca.

Edana said...

Oooh, I wish I had a delicious place to buy chicken. I've never had yucca, either. Now I'm hungry--you should send your restaurant up to central Mass for a day!