Friday, March 12, 2010

Hearty chicken & rice soup

I adapted my wild rice soup recipe to make this hearty chicken and rice soup. Very tasty and filling. The first main change was using a brown and red rice with barley and rye. I also used half beef broth and half chicken broth. The beef broth brought an additional depth of flavor to the soup that is lacking when using prepared broths vs. homemade. Oh, and the original recipe calls for milk, the only dairy in this soup is some butter to cook the onions/carrots and make a roux base.

Here's the rice close up. Lots of good stuff in there. I cooked it probably 75% of the way in the rice maker, then let it finish in the prepared soup. The rice then picks up some of the flavor from the broth.

Here's the rice package. I've found it in the store next to the regular rice, but have also found it in the organic/whole food section of the store.

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