Wednesday, January 06, 2010

THIS is what I covet

This is what my dreams are made of...

The Matchbox Meat Pizza: pepperoni / spicy italian sausage / crispy bacon / zesty tomato sauce / mozzarella

Smoky. Cheesey. Meaty. Spicy. Effin' amazing. Nearly perfect*.

But a meal at Matchbox can't start without the Angus beef sliders topped with onion straws.

Seriously, I dream about this.

Matchbox DC
Vintage Pizza Bistro
Two locations: Chinatown & Eastern Market/Capitol Hill

*I say nearly perfect, not perfect. The outer crust of the pizza was charred and crisp, exactly the way this type of pizza should be. The inner crust was a little weak and wasn't able to hold up to the amazing toppings. No worries, I still devoured the pizza. Perhaps it waited a minute to long to be served; but if they can ensure a crisp crust from the rim to the middle, we'd be talking pure perfection!


JD said...

Yum. Before MB moved to the Hill, my secret was to grab pizza from their former chef at Ugly Mug (he has since left). Seriously good pizza. Crave Crave Swoon

DancerInDC said...

Yummy! Definitely in my top 3 pizzas of DC.