Thursday, October 29, 2009

Curry Killz Cancer

Studies are showing that chemicals in Turmeric can kill cancer cells. Turmeric also stains things yellow! But yeah for cancer kill agents! Might have to make some curry soon, just to be safe!

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells'


Tony said...

Tumeric is also supposed to be great for joints/arthritis. And given that I have hip dysplasia it's a fantastic excuse for a second helping!

/it's great in home-made fake-o pickles (you pre-slice them so they only spend four or so days in the fridge before you can eat)

Megan said...

Hey Scott I have a question - unrelated, but I don't see an e-mail or "contact me" type button. So I have a potluck coming up next week and it's with people that I regularly do this with so they've seen pretty much all of my standard dishes. I wanted to try something new. What are your go to dishes for potlucks? There is a kitchen available at the time of the potluck however the dish already needs to be cooked. It can be reheated if necessary though.

ScottE. said...

Megan, I'll email you as well, but wanted to post my response here.

For potlucks I prefer to stick to casseroles, soups or one pot meals. Usually, the potlucks I head to don't have access to a full kitchen or a stove, so I want something that is easy to manage. Some of my favorites are below.