Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crispy Carnitas Tacos

Mmmm, fried roast pork!

Dinner on Wednesday night was a quick one using leftovers. I took the leftover pork roast from Labor Day and chopped it into large bite size pieces and fried it in olive oil until hot and crispy. Ad the end I tossed in some shallots, cilantro and lime juice. Season with a little salt and pepper and done. Add to a taco shell and top with some sauted peppers and onions. The pork becomes chewy and crispy from the frying process. A great texture and fun flavors. Of course lime and cilantro and best buds and they love to play with pork. All in all, a very yummy meal!

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DancerInDC said...

This had a real double-fried flavor which reminded me a lot of eating pork in Puerto Rico. Greasy but delicious.