Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'm here....I'm here...I just haven't been blogging much. Sorry to the regular 5 people who tune in daily to see if there are new drool worthy photos or miraculous photos that add 5 pounds to your hips by looking at them!

My schedule has been kind of wonky since last week and will continue to be so this week.

I'm excited for shopping at the Cheverly Community Market this weekend and I'm totally excited for my vacation that starts at 5pm this Friday! I will be making what updates I can between now and then, regardless of what happens in the next two days, starting at 5pm on Friday, I'm going into radio silence on Eat With Me until Monday, August 17.

I will be cooking and photographing next week...but I'm not going to post anything. The past month or two have stressed me out by not posting with the frequency I would prefer...which only makes me post fewer and fewer times. So, hopefully by taking a blog-cation while I take my stay-cation...I will get my kitchen mojo moving again.

Thanks for your patience.


Mia said...

You will be missed! Have a fabulous vacation!

Tony said...

Awww man, now who's going to comment in my blog?! :)

Enjoy your time away and remember: YOU LIKE TO COOK. This blog thing should be no sweat!

Lisette said...

Was just telling Jason yesterday that you hadn't updated your blog! I love reading about how you pair your wine with dishes.
Btw the Julia quotes are awesome!