Friday, August 07, 2009

Quick Chicken & Couscous

All right folks...last post before I commence radio silence for a week! Wish me luck. Hoping to find my mojo while I'm away.

Last night's dinner was fast, quick cooking and fairly tasty.

Chicken with Rum Mojo Couscous

I started with two boneless/skinless chicken breasts. The chicken received a coating of olive oil, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of paprika. Cook over medium high heat for about three-four minutes per side. Remove to a plate to rest while you get your mojo going.

The Mojo in this recipe starts with 2 medium shallots, diced and one medium bell pepper, diced. Cook until the shallots are soft and the peppers are just getting soft. Deglaze the pan with about 1/4 cup of spiced rum. Make sure to move the pan away from the heat/flame, or you can get a flare up and toast off your eyebrows...and everyone knows that's the source of your personal mojo! I kid...but please do becareful! Allow the rum to reduce by half and add 1/2 cup of chicken broth.

Add about 1 cup of grape tomatoes, which have been cut in half. Simmer until the chicken broth has reduced by half.

Add some cooked middle Eastern couscous, stir to combine and season with some extra salt & pepper if needed. I think I had about 1-1 1/2 cups of cooked couscous here.

Enjoy! The rum brings a playful flavor to the Mojo Couscous, which pairs nicely with the warmth of the paprika spiced chicken.

See you all in a week. Behave yourselves. If you cause any trouble, please tell me the dirty secrets!


DancerInDC said...

I loved this - it smelled great and tasted fantastic - I had to have a second helping of the couscous.

Tony said...

Cooked couscous? Couldn't you get to the simmer stage, throw in dry cous cous, cover and let that absorb the extra water?

ScottE. said...

@Tony...good point. You'd need to make sure to add additional liquid to the sauce to allow the couscous to cook properly.

I was trying to hold the texture of the vegetables longer and since I was using the middle eastern couscous, I needs to be cooked more as pasta, vs. the small, traditional couscous.

Paul said...

I love couscous I am thinking about making something like that this weekend.