Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Murder Burger

The only thing I can call this is a Murder Burger. The consequences of consuming this beast is nothing short of deadly. Ground beef, a variety of seasonings, grilled on a skillet and covered with cheese, bacon and sauted onions (in bacon fat), then put on a buttered bun (Mmm, Butter Burgers from back home in WI). I love a good burger and I will do what I can to put a full one away. This, was just too much. I couldn't finish!!!! After dinner I had this heartbreaking feeling. I think my arteries were clogging and I could feel it. It will be awhile before I try this again. The fries...those aren't so bad. A little olive oil, salt, pepper and a few other seasonings of your choice! Oven roasted until crispy and golden. Just writing this made me feel 'heartbroken' again, I need to go lay down...

Oh, it was a whole wheat bun!!!! That's a bonus point!

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DancerInDC said...

I ate all of mine! Because I was looking for a heart attack.