Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Brisket leftovers

So, on the Fourth, we had Grilled Brisket Fajitas. There was a lot of brisket leftover. So I have to be creative with ways to use it up. Last night's dinner...Brisket Quesadillas. Tasty and simple. Start by chopping the brisket.

Lay some cheese on a tortilla, then the chopped brisket. If you have beans or veggies, add those at this point.

Layer more cheese on top of the meat or veg. Cover with another tortilla and place in a medium high heat pan.

I love quesadillas. I order them at a variety of restaurants. What I can't stand it when the chef sees fit to add oil to the pan to make the tortillas crisp up. There is enough lard in the tortillas, that extra fat isn't needed...the quesadillas just end up tasting oily. I always cook mine in a dry pan and end up with beautifully browned and crisp tortillas.

Slice and serve with salsa, sour cream and guacomole. This salsa is a variation on this recipe. I cut tomatoes into quarters and seeded them. Placed them on a baking sheet and placed under the broiler. After about 30 minutes, the tomatoes had shriveled and lost a good portion of their moisture. I also had garlic, jalapeno and onions on the baking sheet. The whole mess goes into a food processor and is whizzed together with some lime juice, salt, pepper and a handful of cilantro. This was one of our favorite salsas! ...When it's fresh. The salsa didn't seem to like sitting in the fridge for two days. The onions got a little to funky with the garlic and made something nasty. So lesson learned...make the salsa and devour it...then toss the leftovers...


Jack said...

I have found that garlic in salsas always seem to turn bad quickly. Not sure why, it may be something with the onions like you said.

DancerInDC said...

Talk about filling! This made for a very filling quesadilla.

Tony said...

When my San Marzano romas ripen, I'll try your salsa recipe. I've tried a bunch of non-"cook down the tomato" salsas and they are categorically terrible.

Also, how did you slice your quesadillas? A slow slice with a sharp knife? They look perfect and not "squashed" like mine do! ;)

ScottE. said...

@Tony: I use my chef's knife...nothing special. Just cut in one, quick movement. I know some folks like to use their pizza cutter.