Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Chili

In continuing my anti-grocery shopping least until Friday. Last night I had some work stuff, same for tonight. So it's all worked out!

But...on Monday night, I was cold. The heat wasn't working at the office and it was rainy and dreary, so something warm and comforting was necessary.

A quick, fast chili would work wonders. I had no intention of stretching the few ingredients I had in the fridge into a fairly large pot of chili, but it worked, was tasty and filling and even left some for lunch the next day.

To start I did something a little naughty. I chopped and browned up three strips of bacon. When the fat was rendered out and the pieces were crisp, I removed the bacon and poured out the fat. Then I added about a 1/4 pound of ground beef, and browned that up. Add some onions. Spices...use your favorite chili spices. I had some fresh tomatoes, so I used those up, plus a can of diced tomatoes. Some left over bell pepper and frozen corn. Simmer a bit. Added some broth and pasta to cook up. Taste and adjust for seasoning and spice. I stirred the bacon pieces in at the very end. They brought a nice flavor profile to the party and made this simple chili a little special.


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Dancer in DC said...

The bacon and the new chili powder blend made for a really spicy and smoky chili. It was indeed a good thing to have on a cold and dreary night.

And I can report that it was delicious leftover for lunch the next day.