Monday, March 30, 2009


Mmmm, Paninis! I had a long email dialogue with Terri in WI today about sandwiches. I feel, that for the most part, sandwiches are not dinner material. It takes a special sandwich to qualify for dinner. You see, I eat sandwiches so often for lunch, I don't want one for dinner.

But if I'm going to have one for dinner, it has be this. Several types of Italian cold-cuts, harvarti, olive oil, Italian herbs & spices, roasted red peppers; all pressed between soft & crispy Italian bread. I splashed a little red wine vinegar over the red peppers for a light tang. I could have cooked the sandwiches a touch longer to melt the cheese, but really, it doesn't matter...the panini was very tasty! Mmmmm....toasty!

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