Sunday, January 11, 2009

Same Ingredients, Part 1

I'm trying to be a bit more economical with my shopping and menu planning. Here is one example of the planning. Saturday's dinner was beef soft tacos with peppers and onions. The beef was flavored with the spice rub from this recipe. I was hoping for a skirt steak or flank steak, but my store's beef section was in a sorry state, so I wasn't able to get what I wanted. I ended up with a very thin piece of beef, less than a 1/4 inch thick. Let's get started.

One red pepper, one green pepper and one medium onion; all sliced to about the same size. After I cook the beef, I rinse the pan out with a little water. Add a tablespoon of oil, when hot, add the peppers and season with salt/pepper. Saute until tender.

Again, I used the dry spice blend from this recipe. Let the meat rest for a few minutes with the spices so the flavors make their way into the meat. As mentioned, the beef was very thin, so you're going to want searing hot meat to quickly cook, without turning the cut into shoe leather. These pieces cooked for a max of two minutes per side. When they are done, return them to a clean cutting board and let rest for a few more minutes, which allows the juice to redistribute in the meat. If you cut the meat immediately, the juice will pour out, leaving you with dry beef.

Here's dinner. Tasty beef soft tacos with peppers and onions. I have a little cheese in there. You can also dress it up with sour cream and salsa if you have it. Very tasty. The spice rub brings a lot of great flavor to this quick dish.

There. I cooked up all the peppers and beef. Half was for this dinner...the other half is for the next dinner. Stay tuned for part two of using the same ingredients for Monday's dinner.

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