Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Cooking

Tonight's dinner: Cajun spiced tilapia
with sauted corn and boiled potatoes

I took tilapia filets and drizzled them with a touch of olive oil, salt, pepper and cajun seasoning.

The tilapia was placed under the broiler for 7 minutes.

All served together for a lovely, filling dinner. Fast, easy and good flavor.

These are my filets. They are frozen and from Giant. There were two filets in the pack, each individually sealed for easy use.


Dancer in DC said...

This was a really filling plate, and I'm proud of ScottE for putting fish on the menu!

It was all very good. I liked balancing the spicy fish with the buttery parsley potatoes.

Stef said...

that fish is really pretty. Tilapia is one of my staples but I've gotten bored with my usual ways of fixing it, I will definitely have to try this. I did a new very easy thing off the Safeway website recently, with fresh minced garlic, lemon juice, butter, parsley flakes and black pepper. That was yummy too.