Thursday, October 09, 2008


PDX isn't a new airport in's a Pennsylvanian winery called Paradocx...after the owners, a pair of doctors...pair of docs...paradocx! HILARIOUS!

When were were up in Philly in August, The Duchess took us to the Paradox tasting room outside of Philly and we had a great time. Our host was wonderful, full of information, friendly, attentive and willing to share a little extra taste of wine for some comparison shopping. We left with three bottles and a few weeks ago, finished two of them.

This Viognier was crisp and full of great flavor. The floral nose that is familiar to viognier drinkers was present but not obnoxious. Very pleasant.

The Pinot Blanc was also a friendly wine. Again, crisp and dry, with a light body. This would be a great wine on a hot, humid day in the middle of summer.

When we were at the tasting room, a customer came in carrying a paint can. Odd. Well, turns out that instead of selling Box Wine, they do sell canned wine for parties. One paint can full of wine. But they sell very well and have sold out on numerous occassions. And you get a stir stick with your can! The host was sweet on us and gave us a stick for hell of it.

The PDX wines don't fall in the $10 or under category; I think the bottles were $16-$30 each. Which is fine, they are a small winery and are not producing vast quantities of wine each year. Makes you appreciate the quality a bit more.

*A note on the labels. One of the doctor's mother is a painter and those are her paintings. Not something I'd decorate my house with, but very lovely on a wine bottle.


Dancer in DC said...

I really liked the Viognier, which was my pick to buy. And normally I'm not a fan of the grape, but this one had a mild flavor I appreciated.

We also have a red waiting in the wings.

Stef said...

Yum. Viognier is my favorite, when you find a really good variety. (I prefer oak.)