Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I wanted to share an article from the Washington Post about a farmer in an area outside of Baltimore who is in the middle of legal battles to build a creamery on his property to process his certified organic milk in cheese, butter, etc. But due to zoning and other property issues is being sued by the neighborhood association.

I'm sad for the farmer. He's in a position to make his farm a success and provide an outlet for the sale of local, organic dairy products. But it sounds like he did put his property into an easement to protect it from any form of development, and got a good chunk of change to do so. On the other side of the story, I get the feeling some of the neighbors are being a bit snippy trying to protect the view. It's too bad. I think both sides could benefit from this creamery. The farmer could have a successful, independent farm (a rarity these days) and the neighbors could get locally grown, organic dairy products.


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Lady Brandenburg said...

It's hard to "pick a side" from just reading the article. My dad was on the zoning committee in my hometown and these things were often way more complicated than they look. Sometimes it takes years to get permission to rezone, or to convince people that your use of the property is one thing and not another... I'm glad I don't have to make the final decision.

Dan said...

It's a farm, so let him farm. The neighbors are people who paid for the nice "bucolic" view and now don't want it ruined by an actual farm.