Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Kitty Makes Three...

We interrupt your Eat With Me moment with a very special announcement.

Little Miss Kitty arrived to her new home safe & sound last night. Within the first hour she was exploring her new digs, playing with toys, rolling on her back for a belly rub and purring like the finest hot rod car.

I think she's very happy. We've kept her confined to two rooms for the first night. I think she's ready to begin exploring the rest of the house. And of course she's trained for the most important thing...I cracked open a can of wet food this morning and she was at my feet in a heartbeat. A gurl after my own heart; thinking with her belly.


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Any ideas for names yet? -Liz

Mia said...


Charlie said...

She is very cute.. How about calling her Eartha Kitty?

Stef said...

Yay for the new baby!

SF Bay Food Blog said...

Ahhhhhhhh She is so adorable. My suggestions for names:

1. Kitty Pot Pie
2. Free-range Feline
3. Butter
4. Our Lady of Perpetual Kittiness
5. Fraiche
6. Isadora
7. Martha (Marty Kitty) (both for the dancer and the hostess)
8. Sicily (for Estelle Getty)
9. Nastia Liukin
10. Pam