Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grilled Chicken Skewers

A very tasty platter of grilled chicken skewers and sauted green beans with shallots.

The chicken marinated overnight in a mixture of soy sauce (1/2 cup), fresh ginger (2 TB), minced garlic (2 large cloves), lime juice (1 lime) and brown sugar (2 TB). I won't marinate the chicken overnight again, just a few hours is enough. The flavor is pretty tasty though. The amounts of the marinade are not exact, but what I did this time around.

I thought I had shared my recipe for the sauted green beans, but I don't think I have...sad. So blanch the green beans. Then in a hot skillet saute some shallots in olive oil and butter, about 1 TB of each. Then add the blanched green beans and saute for about 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste...delish. It's my new favorite way to have green beans. I've made them a bunch in the past few months, so I'm surprised I haven't posted the recipe before. If anyone can find it, I'll give you princess points. was too darn hot. I couldn't bear to stand outside over a screaming hot grill in the heat and humidity tonight. So, dug out the grill pan! Woohoo.


Dancer in DC said...

Yum! Thanks to the gals of Red Letter Days for the marinade idea.

I couldn't stop eating.

Mia said...

Glad you liked it! I made it again Thursday night for the Red Letter Days' soiree.

Aimee Olivo said...

Sounds so yummy! Quick question--we got green string beans and purple (!) string beans in our CSA share this weekend. Do you think I could use this recipe and combine the two? I've never had the purple ones before. Have you?

ScottE. said...

I've never had purple string beans before. I'm sure they would be great with this recipe as well. Give them a quick blanche (3 minutes), shock them in ice water, then add them to the sauteed shallots and let them sit for a few minutes to heat through. Delish!

KevinH said...

Will try your suggestions for green beans tonight, substituting shallots (not presently available) for onions (available). Hope to see you at the Farmer's Market.

BTW. My experience with purple "green" beans is that they become green shortly upon cooking/blanching.


ScottE. said...

Kevin, an onion should work. If you have a sweet onion, use that, or a red onion. Allow them to carmelize a little more before you add the beans back in.

Let us know how this works.

I should be back to the market this next weekend. I was out for work and vacation for the past two.