Saturday, June 28, 2008

I couldn't be happier at this moment.

So after the great berry pickin'...we needed to eat. We worked up an appetite.

Well, I'm ready to drive an hour away for this meal AGAIN! And AGAIN! And AGAIN!!!

Barbeque & Grilling Company
235 South Main Street
Mt. Airy, MD

This has been one of the best BBQ meals I've had. Period. Done. Over.

I had the pulled pork slider plate (above). I three little sandwiches and had a different sauce with each. One a little tangy, one a little smoky and one that was just down right brilliant! And beer battered french fries. I KID YOU NOT.
Pulled pork sandwich with black raspberry sauce and mac & cheese.

Seriously. I can't describe the tastiness of this meal. The pork was tender and succulent. The sauces were each unique and satisfying. The best one, the most unique was the award winning Black Raspberry Grilling Sauce. 1st place; Nation's Best at the DC BBQ Cook-off. I bought a bottle for home use! The sauce was lightly sweet and full of many complex flavors. Beautiful complement to the smoky pork.

Two meat plate; pulled pork and brisket with the slightly tangy sauce.

After lunch we went out for two wine tastings. Elk Run Winery and Loew Vineyard in Mt. Airy. A beautiful day. When I have some more time to ruminate on the wines I'll share some notes.


Dancer in DC said...

This is a fantastic place, and well worth a weekend trip to go enjoy the food! They also sell their award-winning blackberry barbecue sauce by the bottle - we HAD to take some home!

Stef said...

YUM! I've had pulled pork bbq for two Saturdays in a row now, and it's just delicious. If you ever head out that way again, I'll be sure to clear my schedule! :-)