Saturday, May 17, 2008

What do these have in common?

A) Birds of Prey

B) Beer

C) Peace

D) Cheverly Hot Noodle Concern

E) Pink Bubbles

A perfect day!

Really!!!! J-lo and I spent the day with Joyous and many of our newest neighbors at Cheverly Day! We had a great time celebrating out new community and I can't thank everyone we met enough. I have to apologize in advance. I met so many wonderfully generous people today that I know I'm not going to remember everyone the next time I see you. Besides, there were many servings of beer and later we opened a bottle of pink bubbles when we got home...really...I won't remember. J-lo might!

We brought home some heirloom seeds, we ate some great food (Kobe Beef Hotdogs) and we had $2 beer (Yuengling) from the beer truck and good music. Bravo Cheverly!


Dancer in DC said...

It was a great day. Special thanks to the Boy Scout troop for the great food, and to the Cheverly Men's Club for the great deal on beer. It can't be beat!

We topped off the day walking down to the park down the road to watch the fireworks with our neighbors. For our first Cheverly Day, it was pretty great.

Cyber Glo said...

We were in Virginia in the am and sadly only made it to the fireworks. But I do have two comments. 1) The young gal who sang the Star Spangled Banner did a really good job and I am so glad she didn't do one of those "over-the-top-fake-Whitney-Houston renditions" and 2) WOW what a great fireworks show! Also, I concur with you on the beer! What a nice community event!

joyous said...

I need to remember to lotion up my cleavage. That's the only part that got sunburned!