Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue Marble

Hello Gorgeous!Happy Earth Day.

We're doing our best to take care of you.
Thanks for all you do for us.
Enjoy your special day.

Small steps...we're trying...

*we use cloth napkins, instead of paper napkins. J-lo just brought up a good idea...we will each take one to work on Monday and bring it home when dirty...thus eliminating the use of paper napkins/towels at work. Good idea!

*we've purchased and use compact fluorescent light bulbs. We haven't gotten all the lightbulbs changed, but we have all of our lamps; next are the ceiling lights.

*we've been washing our clothes in cold water; using less energy to heat the hot water.

*we are composting our yard waste and kitchen-plant based waste. Plus it's wonderful for enriching your garden soil, making fertilizer less important.

*we're gardening. we've planted some vegetables and some bushes. They aren't trees, but they do a great job giving us fresh vegetables to eat and clean oxygen to breath.

*many house plants! house plants are a great, natural way to clean and filter your air in your home. some house plants can even remove harmful toxins from the air, such as from paint and other chemicals used in the building of your home.

*we bought an energy-star efficient electric lawn mower; no carbon based fuels.

*I've signed up for paper-less billing and get my credit card and phone bills via email.

*we have re-usable bags for the grocery store. Return them to your car, so you always have them when you are at the store.

*we have some green cleaning products; instead of harsh chemical cleaners.

*we have and use re-usable water bottles. (recently Nalgene bottles and those types of plastic bottles have proven to leach chemicals into the water...get a Sigg bottle.)

*we both have insulated travel coffee cups that we use. I probably get coffee in a paper cup once every three or four months...yet I'm getting coffee every day!

*we bring our lunches to work in re-usable/Gladware containers instead of ziptop plastic bags. We also use silverware instead of plastic flatware when at work.

*J-lo takes the Metro to work every single day! This offsets the driving that I do. BOO! Can't afford the hybrid car yet.

*of course, we recycle all materials we can. We recently got new cell-phones. We sent them to a non-profit that will repurposes them and donates them to those who need them (women who are victims of physical abuse and our young soldiers stationed abroad). You can get recycling envelopes from the post office for your phones, inkjet printer cartridges and other small electronics.

Step 1: REDUCE
Step 2: REUSE


DC Food Blog said...

Thanks for the suggestion of a sigg bottle. We've been trying to find a reusable bottle. It's been hard because J has chemical sensitivities that makes him really taste all the nastiness that is leaching into our water from conventional bottles.

Leslie said...

Hi Scott I am Caroline Hermann's aunt and she has just shown me your blog. I am visiting her for a week and she just showed me your blog with the MS choice CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK I will keep my fingers crossed for you. You should win. I can't wait to try them myself. Now I intend to identify the mystery plant and will let you know tomorrow. I think it is a fungi of some sort best wishes Barbara