Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top O' The Mornin'

On Saturday, the Ides of March, we celebrated St. Patty's Day...early...

There was Irish Brown Bread with Kerrygold Butter.

Yeast, Molasses and warm water.

Whole Wheat flour and the yeast mixture. Mix by hand...sticky.

Form in a buttered bread pan. Rise for 15-30 minutes.

Bake for awhile.

Warm Bread.

Slice thin; the bread is really dense and hearty. Thick slices will fill you up!


Charlie said...

I had two slices and would have had more but we were also eating cottage pie and drinking beer. SOOoooo gooood.

Dancer in DC said...

Brown bread is wonderful because it's so filling. A little goes a long way - now you know how to survive a cold Irish winter!