Monday, March 10, 2008

New House, New Dining Table

You get a new house, you need a new dining room table. Right? It's great. I love it. Technically, Ikea says it can seat 4-6. I think I can easily, and comfortably, push that number up to 8. I love the leaf extension. You flip some latches, pull the sides apart and gently lift the leaf out. You don't have to move the legs. You don't have to lift anything heavy. Great. I remember my grandmother's dining room table. Add the extensions was a major job she had to get my uncles and grandfather to help with. The table was heavy, the whole needed to be lifted. She would love this table...and for that I love this table more.


kate said...

i love a round dining room table. everyone can see each other!

Bertha said...

Congratulation on your new home and dining table!! It looks really nice!!