Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Miracle

Since last week, J-lo has had the flu...I had the stomach flu last week, and now he has the other flu...the bad flu...

So upon his request I made up a batch of my Grandmother's Chicken Dumpling Soup.

There is just something miraculous about the healing properties of chicken fat!

I went the long way around today and used chicken parts and let them simmer for about and hour and a half to get a richer broth. So worth the entra time!


Dancer in DC said...

I believe that through this soup I shall be healed!

Stef said...

I know it's a cliche, but chicken soup really is good for the soul. I was having a bad day at work a few months ago and heated up some Italian wedding soup, and a few minutes later exclaimed loudly (to the surprise of my colleagues) "Chicken soup is good!"

I hope it works wonders. Feel better, J-Lo!

Barbara said...

That looks so warm and soothing. Yum!