Friday, August 24, 2007

Fast and Delish

Last night I wasn't really in the mood to make anything, but in a last ditch effort to pull through I made some Stir-Fried Noodles. They were awesome!

As I mentioned the first time we made these, the original recipe called for shrimp. Which was fine. But we actually prefer the veggie friendly version with no meat or seafood. The sauce whips together in a minute. Chopping the jalapenos and herbs another minute. The peanuts are a mess to chop, but give great crunch and a small protein boost. I had to pick up bean sprouts at the store. Heat the oil. Add the jalapeno. Sizzle Sizzle...toss in garlic for about 10-20 seconds...add the sprouts....sizzle, toss, sizzle...add the sauce...stir, stir...cooked noodles*...stir, toss, coat...herbs...toss...serve, garnish with peanuts. Done. FAST! Delicious and really filling.

*noodles: OK, so the rice noodles don't actually cook the way the package says. Put the rice noodles in a large bowl and pour boiling water over them. Allow them to sit for a minute. If they don't come to the appropriate doneness, drain and add more boiling water for another minute. This should do it.


claudia said...

it's very apparent how much you love this whole cooking thing. that's what makes your blog cool.

ScottE. said...

Thanks for the comment. I really do enjoy; it's certain become something I've embraced and in a way brings me some comfort of the memories I have while cooking, of cooking with my grandma all those years ago.

Dancer in DC said...

It's great to have a dish like this in your repertoire that is fast, easy, inexpensive, veggie-friendly, and delicious.

Jojo said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious! It's fun to read about your food experiments.

It's hard to tell, looking at the photograph, exactly what the dish contains. It seems to have a lot of ingredients mixed together.

ScottE. said...

Generally the photos will embiggen if you click on them.

You're right though. The ingredients really mend together in this one, with most of the ingredients in the suace, plus the bean sprouts that are similiar in shape and color of the noodles.