Monday, July 09, 2007

A new "French" dish

I'm not sure what I'm going to call this yet.

But here's what is:
Sautéed chicken with Onions & Bacon in a Dijon / Herbes de Provence Sauce over Rice.

It was savory and simple. In the time it took the rice to cook, I was able to render the bacon and make it crispy, saute the onions, cook the chicken and make a light sauce with white wine, Dijon mustard and chicken broth. Mount the sauce with a little butter. Delish. I'm not sure I would change the dish, but before I give any further instructions I'll want to try it again.

Can bacon do no wrong?

OH...I think I want to do this over French lentils next time?!!! These lentils. And I'll keep the chicken in cutlet form. Lovely.


Dancer in DC said...

Bacon = life

The Kara said...

I actually went out for dinner last night and had salmon encrusted with mustard seeds over a lentil salad and it was DELISH! No bacon and I know you're not a fish fan, but the flavors all worked well.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Perhaps a good idea for this weekend? In honor of our special guest? Can this dish be "taken to scale" for say, 5 adults and one baby with one tooth? :)

Lady Brandenburg said...

IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks again for making it this weekend.