Monday, April 30, 2007


Capital Hill Landmark...

Eastern Market destroyed by Fire!!!!

This is tragic event for the families that work there and the neighborhood, but knowing those folks it will be has to be!

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UPDATE: News Channel 7 is saying 1/2 the building is damaged and the whole building is unusable.
UPDATE: "Not a total loss." WTOP.
UPDATE: "What we've lost."
UDPATE: $20-40 million in damages, Mayor vows to rebuild, plans to close 7th street to allow vendors to operate on Saturday. WTOP. Next step, is the building safe for cleaning/repair crews?
UPDATE: "For it's neighbors, a stock of wares money can't buy." Washington Post
UPDATE: Historic Georgetown Library destroyed by fire the same day as Eastern Market. Washington Post.
UPDATE: Market to reopen in 18-24 months. Flea Market to go on as always. WTOP


Make a donation in support of the vendors and families affected by this horrible event!
Capital Hill Community Foundation

UPDATE: Images from WTOP

More about Eastern Market.


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Horrible, horrible news. I'm beside myself.