Sunday, February 18, 2007


This is the wine I mentioned from Valentine's Dinner. Yummy. I found it again yesterday and bought another bottle...but it's a different vintage, so we'll see how it went from 2003 to 2004???

Since I remembered the region this wine is from (McLaren Vale region of Australia), I bought another vintner's Cab from the same region--little more spendy, but if it's a Cab I like, it'll be worth it.

Tastings are good! And found a blended bottle. Sounded interesting. A Shiraz & Viognier blend. Also from Australia.


Stef said...

I found a great new wine! That restaurant Central, at 11th and Penn, has a $10-a-glass reisling on the menu that is the fruitiest bunch of fun in a glass I've ever had! I must go back soon and have 3 more glasses!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

I've seen this wine in the store and wondered if it was good. There's also a pink knot and a white knot but I haven't tried them yet either.
Our favorite 'go-to' red for just about any dish is one from Trader Joe's called Abrazo. Not the regular Abrazo but the Reserva. It's a whopping $1 more than the regular and still a great bargin at $5/bottle.

ScottE. said...

Barbara-I saw their Pink & White Knot wines online. I finished off the 2003 bottle last night. Didn't hold up to a few days of being opened. I'll try the 2004 in a few days and see how that goes.