Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Whole Year of Ray-Ray

The snow just started here in the DC Metro area and I'm dreading it. Not because it's snow--I love snow...but because I have to go to the grocery store and it's going to be NUTZ. For those of you not familiar with winter weather in the DC area...the first sign of snow brings on more panic than the terrorist threat going to Orange! Panic everywhere...the roads, the news and the stores...the grocery store will be packed and the shelves empty! I just want to get some chicken!

But moving on, I need to encourage my gentle readers to give a moment to the brave souls at the oneyearproject. These folks are brave indeed. They started with the Rachel Ray book 365, No Repeats. And they are cooking each and every recipe in the book. Reading through these blog posts you feel for these folks...chicken how many days in a row?? But there are some hits as well...a recent entry for Halibut Soup seems to have hit the spot. Check them out!!!


Dancer in DC said...

Ugh - those poor, poor people.

I suppose they could look on the bright side - if the book had been written by Ina Garten, they would have been stuck with roast chicken 6 days a week.

Stef said...

Ugh, snow and ice. As you might imagine, it's already wreaking havoc on my Oscar day plans... we've cancelled our own plans for seeing the early doc short screenings, but I'm still planning to soldier on to see Jesus Camp this afternoon!

At least that means I'll get to eat lunch at home today and be a little less spendy. :-)