Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Salad Days

Last night was salad. We have our favorite salad--greens, cashews, pears and basil balsamic dressing. But with a recent mention of Good Seasons dressing on America's Test Kitchen and DC Food Blog, we had to go with what we had in the cupboard and have a basic tossed salad and the italian dressing mix. YUM! I fubared the croutons...got ahead of myself and then over seasoned/salted them. But they were the perfect texture...cruchy outside and chewy inside. I should have a salad dinner at least once a week...otherwise I don't get my veggies.

The downside to salad dinners...I'm picky about my veg and won't get much variety. Give me some feedback...what's your favorite salad mix-in? How about your favorite dressing?


Stef said...

I just posted about my new fave dressing! Drew's Garlic Italian. Yum!

I'm very simple about salads at home. Bag lettuce or prepackaged all the way.

In general, I *love* fruit on salads. Strawberries and mushrooms are great. Love watermelon and mandarin oranges. Also love avocado! And the usual cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots. But no onions! They are stinky and make my tummy hurt.

DC Food Blog said...

That looks wonderful. Ever since I made the Good Season's salad dressing and the homemade croutons, I've had salad EVERY NIGHT SINCE!!!!