Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Usually I'm one to jump to new products, but the pre-packaged minced garlic is one that I've always been skeptical of. Finally today I decided to bite the bullet and try it out.

In my years of avoidance, my number one reason was taste, I expected the pre-packaged minced garlic to have a funny taste or scent.

Today when making my soup, I added in one teaspoon (2 cloves) and the results...no harm done. Everything tasted alright. And I saved some time and clean up. I think I'll keep this on hand for the quick garlic needs...but certainly won't give up the real deal anytime soon.


Dancer in DC said...

It's funny you mention this - when I used to work at a place that made soups, we always used the jar garlic. It's convenient, and I think in a big vat of soup it's not really noticeable if the garlic is super-fresh (whereas a pasta sauce I might balk).

Lady Brandenburg said...

I've used it before - it's only good to be mixed in to things... not good for something like, say, garlic bread. Also, I learned it goes bad fast - I made the mistake of using an old jar for something one time and it turns bitter and vinegar-y.

Like you said, though, very handy at times!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the brand I use! I love it.

AddE said...

Funny enough - I just switched over to fresh garlic after years of using the exact jar stuff you have pictured. I am hooked on the real stuff - its like breath of fresh air! I don't know if I'll ever go back :)