Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

Proof that I am Garfield! Steamed Vegetables. I don't find that funny.

Here is the invitation for our T-day steamed vegetables there!

There is a secret dessert suprise coming up tomorrow (see invite). It really doesn't have much to do with Thanksgiving, but I thought it might be really interesting to try those flavor combinations. From what we tasted the other night, it's an experiment that worked! I'm not going to announce it, but "it" is listed in the timeline below.

And there was a request to see my planning spreadsheet for Thanksgiving. Click to read. It will be a a busy day, but once I get started it won't feel hurried at all.

This is taped on the cupboard in the kitchen. Need to keep moving!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll! If I was a bigger dork and if CNN would sponsor me, I'd consider doing "live blogging" as the day goes on, but I suspect I'll be a touch busy.


DC Food Blog said...

Let's all hear it for making things ahead of time. That's such a pretty schedule. It's not all half assed like mine is. I love the tasting menu idea. Your dishes are rocking. I love the pumpkin theme. It's interesting how the dishes end up being so connected. I realized that pear was a big theme in my menu.

joyous said...

You forgot to schedule the oh-my-god-I-think-I'm-going-to-die part. And the Sterfanie-and-joyous-won't-leave-my-house-because-I-feed-them-to-well-and-they-have-decided-to-move-in time.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Your a model of efficiency! Good luck with the meal, it looks insanely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Oh, trust me, I'm bringing my glasses and a change of clothes. I may not be able to get off that blue couch!

Asian Mistress said...

I should have asked for your expert planning advice...I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for my parents tomorrow and I'm worried it won't all come out together...

Well, they're doing turkey, gravy, cranberry relish w/ grand marnier, and homemade stuffing...I'm doing everything else. Eeeeek.

Your menu looks delish - look forward to seeing pics and happy Thanksgiving!

The Kara said...

OMG - YOU ARE DOING THE BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!! I'm so excited! Lemme know what recipe you do and how they are received :) Will be thinking of you while I'm at Naun's! Lovees!