Monday, September 25, 2006

What a night

On Sunday night, J-lo and I had a lovely with Mr. and Mrs. Chilefire, and lil' Chilefire, at their home, the Bobbel K at the Washington Marina!

What a great night. Boat! Wine! Beer! Food! Chocolates! Friends! All great!!!

The front deck of the boat.

Sunset from the back deck of the boat. To the right, off the frame, is the Washington Monument.

After a few drinks, a quick trip to the fish market and some more drinks, we started to prepare dinner! Before we arrived, Bryce made smoked duck tamales and he smoked some tomatoes for an amazing chile sauce (Pssst, the recipe on your site?).

We then set out to prepare the Shrimp with Red Chiles and Pine Nuts.

So simple!!!

Nutshell: Roasted Pine Nuts, Olive Oil, Cook shrimp, add chimayo chile powder, a drizzle of honey and a splash of cream. Done! Oh, and some garlic.

Adding the olive oil to the toasted pine nuts.

The shrimp tossed into the oil and pine nuts.

Money Shot! Adding the Chimayo Chile Powder. Bryce mixed up a blend of medium powder and mild powder. Considering the quantity of powder, you'd think this would be a crazy fiery hot dish...perfectly warming yes, but so flavorful and amazing!

And dinner. The Shrimp. Micro Greens with a balsamic reduction and olive oil dressing. And the Smoked Duck Tamale with Red Chile Sauce. So much food and soo delicious!!!

THANK YOU Bryce, Naomi, Fiona and the bunnies for a truely lovely evening. Looking forward to the next adventure.


Stef said...

Sounds like a great night, and a great meal!

Chilefire said...

Hey Scott (J-lo) Naomi and I had a wonderful time! and I love your pictures! thanks for coming we look forward to our next gathering.

cookies_cream said...

Hey, got stumbled upon your blog. You're a great chef~! =) Nice blog, nice pics, it's just so great..I feel like eating those prawns~! ;)

ScottE. said...

Bryce: Again, thanks!

Cookies_Cream: Thank you and Welcome. Come back and visit often.

Dancer in DC said...

It was amazing, the company was divine, and the food was to die for. This was an excellent illustration of how chiles can provide warmth without eye-watering heat. I can't decide what was my favorite part!

Thanks again for a wonderful evening we won't forget.

Jon said...