Sunday, May 07, 2006

Love affair

Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE THE AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN cookbooks. LOVE THEM! They are my favorite because they give you a great recipe and tell you how they got there...the mistakes they made, the slight variations they recommend, etc. Love them.

But outside of the Amercia's Test Kitchen books, I have a major love affair with the William-Sonoma Collection. Each recipe is paired with a drool worthy photo. The recipes are usually very easy. We received our first two W&S books as gifts. I think it was Pasta and _____, I can't remember the second. That was almost a year and a half ago. In fact all the books we have are actually gifts, in one way of another....I get lots of W&S gift cards for Christmas and my birthday.

As of last Sunday, we now have 15 of these books!!! I had a leftover gift card from Christmas and picked up four more!

We know have:

Ice Cream

We also have, from their larger books: Baking, Desserts(cakes, pies, tarts) and Thanksgiving.

These are great gifts ideas...if you are looking for a small affordable gift for someone, I would recommend these...if you have a slight idea of what someone likes, you can pick an almost exact match.

I don't think I could pick one over the other in terms of what are my favorites...but the last four we bought are really great and I'm about to start trying some recipes: French, Roasting, Sauce, Soup...


PS: Remember earlier this year I started a Cookbook Catalog on the right sidebar of this page...I stopped updating it because I was having such problems with formatting and I got really frustrated. Perhaps it will be updated and continued at some point this summer?! But I make no promises.


Stef said...

Ooooh, a whole book on risotto? Licking my lips!

I meant to tell you more about the catered event I went to at the Kennedy Library in Boston last week. In addition to a burgers and fries station (!!!!!!) they had 3 kinds of risotto. I had them all dished out on my plate:

Tomato: The risotto had little red and yellow grape tomatoes sliced up in it. I thought the tomato flavor didn't work quite perfectly. They were too sweet. Maybe it would be better with sun-dried?

Seafood: This had huge scallops and calamari (in purple-y full-on baby octopi form) in it (sorry Clange!). It was pretty tasty, but I blame this for the bad tummy ache I had for the next day.

Mushroom: As I texted you that night, this was slap-your-mama divine. My God, it was delicious. I went back for a whole other plate! Just rich, creamy, hearty, with a good earthy taste from a variety of mushrooms in it. LOVE.

DC Food Blog said...

Damn stef. That sounds so yummy. And Scott, now we know what to get you for your birthday. I do love the WS books. They are pure food porn