Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let me entertain you!

Hello everyone!

I’ve had several requests to restart a little something I did way back at the beginning of this blog. It's time for another Cooking Without Borders special event. For all our new gal pals, this is an opportunity to cook the same meal together on the same night (or within a few days if that night doesn't work for you) and then we all come back together and post comments on what we liked or disliked, etc.

I've selected June 1 to be the big night this time around.

This event will have a very simple, but super satisfying dinner: Chicken Coconut Curry.

Part of the game plan for the Cooking Without Borders event is that I give a shopping list to get us started, some of these thing you might already have in your pantry:

1 lb Red Skinned Potatoes-I like to get ones that are about the size of golf balls
1-1 ½ lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
Curry Powder: pick up your favorite, or if you haven't bought Curry Powder before, I generally use the McCormick Gourmet Madras Curry
1 small head of garlic
Red pepper flakes

1 can 14 oz. can of coconut milk, unsweetened
Tomato Paste, just a small can or if you can find it in a tube, that's perfect for small amounts like this
Green Beans, I prefer fresh, but frozen actually work well, but not canned!

Optional: Pita or flatbread, great for slopping up some of the sauce.

I hope you will join us! And I particularly think this is a great recipe for beginners!!! If you think you can't cook, this is a great recipe for you!!!!

See you back here on the June 1.

FYI: I started this because way back when, many of the readers of this blog were located outside of the Washington DC area and as much as I wanted to cook and invite them over for dinner, logistically that didn't quite work. Terri in WI, did give me the idea...cook together, eat together and maybe even watch a movie together...but from different locations!


ScottE. said...

PS: I totally ripped the logo off from some other organization and altered it for this site....I think it was Lawyers Without Borders! Please don't sue!!!

Lady Brandenburg said...


We are shopping this weekend (crazy, I know, a holiday weekend...) so we will pick up the supplies!

cavacavien said...

"Cooking the same curry at same night together" What a great idea!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to have a time for "Chicken Coconut Curry" on 1st of June.

Anyway,I'll come back here and see your report about "curry".

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Sounds cool. When will you do the next one?

Jon said...

oh crud. missed this one. You got another date in mind for the next one?