Monday, February 13, 2006

Sweet Georgia Brown's

Yesterday, while everyone in the DC metro region was waking up and freaking out over the snow, we packed ourselves up and trekked down for a birthday brunch to celebrate with Sterfanie at Georgia Brown's. Read all about our decadent sinfulness here....

But in a's the verdict....GO, FAST & OFTEN, WITH ELASTIC PANTS!!!

Georgia Brown's
15th & K Street NW
on McPherson Square with the green awning
Washington, DC 20005

Make your reservations early and well in advance by calling 202.393.4499


Stef said...

Even my elastic pants were feeling tight by the end of it..... :-)

Complacent Chase said...

I've heard of Georgia Brown's, but have never been. I keep hearing that the food is amazing. Perhaps that will be a place we can go one day. :-)

Katie said...


Do you have a good recipe for carbonara? I found one with shredded chicken that sounds good, but I also see a couple others with 'shrooms and white wine. Cream or no cream? Recommendations? This is for a last-minute attempt-to-cook-for-my-sweetie effort! Thanks!! :)

ScottE. said...


I don't have a carbonara recipe handy...but there is an alfredo recipe in the Recipe Quick Link on the right's down in the Vegetarian/Non-Meat section...should be in "sauce" I guess...I'll have to fix's really good and could add some sauteed pancetta or crispy, smoky bacon to that, for a carbonara like recipe maybe? I do have some recipes at home, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get it loaded online for a last minute dinner attempt.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Testing a comment post. (or "poast" as I just mistyped)